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The website manager for is the company

Vauva- ja taaperoteatteri AEIOU / Aimut osk
Töyrytie 8, 33450 Siivikkala

Y-tunnus: 2673236-5

Manager in further text.


All personal information, gathered on registration of the user, is intended exclusively for user's identity check and sending of ordered products. By registering on this website you agree to letting the website manager keep information about your name and surname, address, post and postal number, and telephone number, in the base for purposes of archiving orders, user's insight into all their orders, and faster further purchases, so the user does not need to fill in all their personal info with every purchase. The user has insight to their listed information whenever they require it and can also change them.

E-mail addresses are used for the newsletter (informing users about novelties on the website) and for sending of important messages to the user. The user can at any time decide to turn off the newsletter. Registered users can only do that in their user account info.
Users who have only signed up for the newsletter and are not registered users can turn off the newsletter by sending an e-mail to

The website will neither pass personal information and e-mail addresses to third pesons nor will they track users' activities outside the website

The website manager for commits to protecting trusted personal information. To prevent unauthorised access to said information or their exposure, to preserve accuracy of said information and ensure their corresponding use, we use adequate technical and organisational procedures to protect collected information.


What is cookie

A cookie is a small text file that transfers to the user's computer at their visit of the website and usually includes:

  • the name of the server from which the cookie was sent
  • the cookie's lifespan
  • the value – usually a randomly generated unique number

The cookie alone does not contain or collect information. If it is read by the server along with the browser, however, that could help the website perform more user friendly services – for example by remembering past purchasesor user account information. Only the server that has sent the cookie can read and use said cookie.

Which cookies does the website use?

The website uses two kinds of cookies:

  1. 1. Necessary own cookies
  2. 2. Analytical cookies from other, partner websites
  3. Necessary own cookies

  4. The website requires two cookies to ensure smooth performance of the website:
  5. Cookies for saving information about current session and guiding of the cart during shopping and purchase finishing.


Company: Vauva- ja taaperoteatteri AEIOU / Aimut osk

Purpose: Saving information about current session

Duration: Until the end of session

  1. These cookies expire at the end of the session (when you close your browser).
  2. The cookie EU_ARSLUNA_COOKIE_SET is intended for saving your cookie preferenceson the website


Company: GOSTINSTVO BLENKUŠ, Helena Aupič s.p.

Purpose: Saving cookie preferences

Duration: 2 years

  1. These cookies are important for website performance and cannot be turned off through website settings. These cookies can, however, be disabled through browser settings. By disabling these two cookies you will disable all purchases on this website and performance of certain sites and other functionalities.
  2. Analytical cookies

  3. Analytical cookies are cookies that are installed to your computer by other, partner websites that take care of traffic measuring on the website and an analysis of website visits.
  4. These cookies are:

Cookie name: _gat_gtag_[ID of website]

Company: Google Analytics

Purpose: Identification code of website for tracking visits

Duration: 2 years


Cookie name: _utma, _ga

Company: Google Analytics

Purpose: Statistics of website views: Counting visit number from individual computer

Duration: 2 years


Cookie name: _gid

Company: Google Analytics

Purpose: Identification of user returns within 24 hours of first view

Duration: 24 hours


Cookie name: _utmb

Company: Google Analytics

Purpose: Statistics of website views: Measuring duration of your visit on our website

Duration: 30 minutes


Cookie name: _utmc

Company: Google Analytics

Purpose: Statistics of website views: Measuring duration of your visit on our website

Duration: Until end of session



Cookie name: _utmz

Company: Google Analytics

Purpose: Statistics of website views: Noting how the user got to our website (through keywords, browsers, partner websites etc.)

Duration: 6 months

  1. Settings to allow these cookies can be changed at any time by clicking on Cookie preferences on the bottom of this page or here. Turning analytical cookies off does not influence your user experience. Performance of the website will, despite turning off these cookies, remain unhindered. Analytical cookies help us making this website even better and even more user friendly. Disabling cookies Users can autonomously decide whether you wish to turn cookies on. Cookie preferences can be monitored and changed in your browser. Information about cookie preferences (for different browsers) are availible on links below:



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If you turn off the cookies, some website functionalities will be disabled.