AEIOU theatre is creating performances for children from 6 months to 4 years of age.
The AEIOU group creates visual and physical theatre as well as object theatre, where theatre arts are intertwined with other art forms. The shows are tailored to the developmental stage of the youngest children in image, sound, and contents. The combination of various art forms makes it possible for babies as young as 6 months to enjoy a wholesome experience of the world of art and theatre. 
The performances are INTERACTIVE, designed as something between theatre and children’s game, and thus encourage children to explore and express themselves independently as well as to develop their imagination.
The topics are relevant to the youngest audiences, be it an ordinary day with a circus family, or planning a birthday party. The storylines are simple and based on obvious causes and consequences. 
Both performances Head down - legs up! and You and I
are colourful comedies, like a playground of music, sounds, images and words. They are physically and emotionally stimulating, developing children’s imagination and entertaining adults at the same time. 
In the first three years of AEIOU theatre existance, more than 13,000 spectators have watched over 300 performances of both shows. The AEIOU has performed in numerous cultural centres and kindergartens in Slovenia and Finland, and at major festivals. In Finland, it took part at BRAVO! International Festival of Children's Theatre in Helsinki (2012), and in Slovenia, at Puppet Artists Biennale in Maribor (2011 and 2013) and in Helsinki (2014); and at Bobri Festival in Ljubljana (2011 and 2014), festival Velenje and Lent Maribor (2014), festival Hippalot Hämeenlinna (2014)...

The AEIOU is an independent group of artists, established in 2010 by a puppet theatre director Katja Kähkönen, a sculptress/art teacher Mateja Ocepek and puppet animator/actress Katja Povše.The group involves other artists and a psychologist.